Where Does the Time Go?

 The opportunities to create are endless but where to find the time to do it all.  I love Twitter, Facebook, Websites… The opportunity to educate yourself and obtain information is endless. I could literally spend all day in front of the computer and enjoy it. I love finding cool new websites and blogs or that new product you never knew existed. But, where do we find the time to do what we love and spend time with the ones we love even more,,, our family? I have decided I must get up extra early and cut the fat from my life. It all comes back to discipline. Often times, I wish we didn’t have all this technology to muddy our lives. Life would be so much simpler! It really would be. Our brain’s would be so much clearer and the choices for our children so much simpler. It really would be. Think about it. Ahhhhh. But, knowing what I know now.. I would miss the technology. GPS, DVR, Google, even Facebook.

So, the answer is discipline. I wonder how many of us let house hold chores go to the wayside in favor of working on our blog or checking up on Facebook. Like our children, we must limit our time on the computer and schedule our computer time. My new goal is to get as much done before the children wake up!

So, schedule your computer time. Enjoy it! Then get outside with some quality time with your family.



Just Do It!

We all have a to do list that is never ending! Pick three things on your to do list and just do it! At the very least, put it on your calendar to get it done! JUST DO IT! No more procrastination. A few months ago, I decided I was tired of planning to lose the baby weight someday. That day I made the decision to lose the weight. Three months later, I am 23 pounds lighter and 8 pounds away from my goal. Turn off the television and the computer and make the choice to better your life.

More Malcom Cips

I can’t get enough!

Runaway Stroller

Approximately fours years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! (As I write my almost four year old is refusing to go to bed after an extremely busy day . As the third child, his naps have not been protected.At this moment in time, life at our house is not a peaceful one.:( I digress, Daddy has taken over. Thank goodness.
The Case of the Runaway Stroller. My twins were approximately two and half years old. They were constantly biting, hitting, and whining.The only relief I could get was at the park. Of course, I would have loved to stay home and play cars or trucks. Sadly, this was not an option unless I wanted bite marks up and down the bodies of my twins.
So, off to the park. I packed lunches, sand toys, sippie cups, water, the double stroller and on a whim I grabbed the toddler bikes. I thought it would be great for the boys to ride their bikes around the park and exhaust some of that little boy energy. As we arrived the park, everything was as every other day. I unpackd the stroller, clicked the infant car seat into the stroller, packed the lunches, water, sand toys,and diaper bag into the bottom compartment. Next, I unbuckled the twins. I escorted the infant (in the stroller) and my twin toddler boys to the park sidewalk. I then unloaded the bikes and encouraged my boys to start riding towards the park.
One small detail didn’t enter my mind. The path to the park was downhill and my 2.5 year olds hadn’t learned how to brake! In an instant, the twins started to speed down the hill. As I was guiding my six month old down the hill in his infant car seat in the stroller, I instinctively grabbed for the my twins’ bikes to stop them from racing down the hill out of control. Two hands grabbed for the bikes which left the a runaway stroller. AAAHHHH!!! The stroller rolled down the hill and toppled into a small water filled ravine. I frantically scrambled for the stroller and unbuckled my still sleeping baby from his car seat. He was unscathed and totally unaware. He looked at me with is big, blue eyes ready for a day at the park. My twins took my distraction as a cue that we’d decided to take a detour and play in the little ravine before we headed to the park. They were playing and laughing. They were exploring rocks, leaves and dirt and completely clueless that their mom had taken this moment to sit on the rock with their baby brother while watching them play and cry.
I cried silently. I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed and alone. Tears steamed down my face as two strangers walked by and said hello. They did not seem to notice the tears, the upside down stroller and miscellaneous diaper items scattered everywhere.

I write this to simply tell you-YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It is hard raising boys. Do not compare yourselves to other moms who have girls or children that are spread out in age. Raising boys who are close in age is a different experience. There is a reason why people always comment with “Three boys! You’ve got your hands full”. This is the comment offered whether they are well-behaved, little terrors, or peacefully asleep at home. We all love boys our but they are exhausting! Oh..and for those moms with the mellow boys-This blog is not for you. Sorry!
How did I get through this particular crazy incident? Well, I picked myself up…and my diaper bag, lunch, stroller, bikes, car seat etc, and called my best friend as I sat on that rock. Well, she wasn’t home because she was teaching so I talked to the next best thing…Matt. Her junior high sweet heart and one of my best friends from 7th grade.
“Matt, you’ll never guess what just happened to me”. And between laughter and tears, I told him about The Case of the Runaway Stroller.

Or, maybe I’ve had it wrong all along. Could Wii have been the answers to my problems?

Jazzercise for a Healthy Mommy

I started going to Jazzercise when I was about twenty years old. I suffered from depression as a teenager and young adult. Jazzercise became my therapy. After I became a mom, I continued to go to Jazzercise. It was my night club at 8AM on Saturday morning. If you haven’t taken a Jazzecise class since the 1980’s you must treat yourself to a class that incorporates all the best music and fitness trends like Zumba or Pilates. After my father passed and I  was laid off, I turned to therapy and medication and quit my weekly Jazzercise “fixes”. I found myself unable to sleep and I began anxiety attacks while driving. I tried different combinations of the medications and could never find the right balance. I made a decision to stop the medication and begin a more natural regimen along with exercise. Now, I have a much better balance and look forward to that hour to dance and feel better. I’m not the size six I was pre-babies but I am determined to be comfortable at whatever weight in the moment. Jazzercise keeps me at least toner, healthier and happier (plus many locations offer baby sitting). Now, if I could just put down those yummy brownies.:)

My amazing husband has made the family dinner and my boys are informing it’s time to eat. Cheers!

Doctor Laura, Really? We Have Bigger Problems Now than Guilting Moms into being Full Time SAHM

I have listened to Dr. Laura Schlessinger most of my life. My mother listened to her religiously. Therefore, confined in a car, I had no other option but  to listen also. Dr. Laura has some great points. She challenges people to step up and be better people. Many of these people need  the tough love of Mamma Laura.

Dr. Laura’s main stand is that moms don’t work. But a friend pointed out many years ago that Dr. Laura only has ONE child. ONE. I’m not trying to diminish the work of parents with only one child but there is a huge difference raising one versus two and more. Moms of multiple children have so much more to balance. More mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, brains to stimulate, bodies to keep active and healthy and personalities to understand.  The list goes on and on. Many days, like today, I’m just trying to make it to bedtime. The average boy is very active. They are constantly in action. You mix multiple boys in a household and you have a Malcom in the Middle episode. (If you haven’t seen Malcom in the Middle-as a mom of boys you owe yourself to watch it).

What about the wonderful mothers trying to do it all? I try to be there 24/7 for my three boys. As many of the mothers reading this, I’m attempting to be everything but falling very short. My children aren’t  suffering but my needs are. I’ve listened to Dr. Laura but I am run-down. I have lost myself. Dr. Laura-you have one child-how can you possibly relate to raising three boys?  HOW? Not to mention the multiple temptations we women have that you didn’t have to deal with as a mother. I’m referring to the technology. Moms can never turn their brains off. EVER!

My point- Give us a break Dr. Laura!!  Some moms need to work to focus their mind in order to be better parents. There are many situations where moms and dads share the child care of the child. Mom can work and get a bit of her identity back while daddy stays home with the children. The tables can then turn while dad makes the money while mom is home enjoying her children. Moms need to keep a bit of their professional identity. My suggestion is part time can be the difference between a miserable, depressed parent and one who runs with open arms when she picks her child up from grandma’s or swaps the duties with dad.

The problem has become Bigger than stay at home moms Dr. Laura.

We live in a society where our economy is falling apart, we are technologically connected but more disconnected from each other than ever. Moms are trying to manage technology, blogs, and ecommerce businesses to make ends meet. Many of us are so physically disconnected we have no support from family, neighbors or friends to have that daily support.

We need to start a movement to limit technology for the entire family and instead reaching out to those closest around us. Parents think about how many times a day you’re having to multi-task email, cell phone, text, children, computers, video games, TV, reality TV?….The list goes on forever.

The world needs to change. Women deserve to have that balance and  need more options than becoming full time stay at home moms. Women need to go back to the days where we reached out to our neighbors! Not our Facebook friends but our actual next door neighbors.

The problem is a disconnected society and technology overload!

As in the the movie the Cable Guy, Jim Carrie’s character says, “Don’t you get it? Someone has to save all the other cable boys and girls, someone has to kill the babysitter.”

Inexpensive Ways to Find Time for Yourself

As parents of boys, it is a constant challenge to take out time for ourselves. In this economy, it is even more challenging to find the money to hire a babysitter  for that expensive massage. Therefore, the question is how you can have some relaxation time on a budget? Read on for tips.  Please add your own to the discussion.

1.) Swap babysitting once or twice a month with another friend. Not only will your children enjoy the play date, it is also free and you can spend the savings on yourself.

2.) Split the cost of a babysitter with another family.  Your children can have a fun night in with their buddies while you enjoy a night out with yours.

3.) Join a gym that has childcare. You can get a great work-out which is great for your brain and body. Also, check out some gyms that offer massages in their facility such as Total Woman Gym and Day Spa or for dads try Bally with pool, sauna and whirlpool amenities. http://www.amenclinics.com/cybcyb/

4.) If you’re religious-take advantage of what your church or synagogue has to offer. Many have Mom’s Day Out or even the child care during religious services can give you a break and help you focus spiritually. Studies have shown that the practice of religious activity improves health and increases longevity. http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/religionhealth.html

5.) Team up with your spouse or significant other. Swap taking care of the kids while you each take a few hours to golf, shop, or grab a cup of coffee with a friend. Free and easy.

Now, it’s your turn. What are some inexpensive ways to get some you time. Remember, easy on the pocketbook and fun for the kids.