Inexpensive Ways to Find Time for Yourself

As parents of boys, it is a constant challenge to take out time for ourselves. In this economy, it is even more challenging to find the money to hire a babysitter  for that expensive massage. Therefore, the question is how you can have some relaxation time on a budget? Read on for tips.  Please add your own to the discussion.

1.) Swap babysitting once or twice a month with another friend. Not only will your children enjoy the play date, it is also free and you can spend the savings on yourself.

2.) Split the cost of a babysitter with another family.  Your children can have a fun night in with their buddies while you enjoy a night out with yours.

3.) Join a gym that has childcare. You can get a great work-out which is great for your brain and body. Also, check out some gyms that offer massages in their facility such as Total Woman Gym and Day Spa or for dads try Bally with pool, sauna and whirlpool amenities.

4.) If you’re religious-take advantage of what your church or synagogue has to offer. Many have Mom’s Day Out or even the child care during religious services can give you a break and help you focus spiritually. Studies have shown that the practice of religious activity improves health and increases longevity.

5.) Team up with your spouse or significant other. Swap taking care of the kids while you each take a few hours to golf, shop, or grab a cup of coffee with a friend. Free and easy.

Now, it’s your turn. What are some inexpensive ways to get some you time. Remember, easy on the pocketbook and fun for the kids.



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