Where Does the Time Go?

 The opportunities to create are endless but where to find the time to do it all.  I love Twitter, Facebook, Websites… The opportunity to educate yourself and obtain information is endless. I could literally spend all day in front of the computer and enjoy it. I love finding cool new websites and blogs or that new product you never knew existed. But, where do we find the time to do what we love and spend time with the ones we love even more,,, our family? I have decided I must get up extra early and cut the fat from my life. It all comes back to discipline. Often times, I wish we didn’t have all this technology to muddy our lives. Life would be so much simpler! It really would be. Our brain’s would be so much clearer and the choices for our children so much simpler. It really would be. Think about it. Ahhhhh. But, knowing what I know now.. I would miss the technology. GPS, DVR, Google, even Facebook.

So, the answer is discipline. I wonder how many of us let house hold chores go to the wayside in favor of working on our blog or checking up on Facebook. Like our children, we must limit our time on the computer and schedule our computer time. My new goal is to get as much done before the children wake up!

So, schedule your computer time. Enjoy it! Then get outside with some quality time with your family.



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