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Jazzercise for a Healthy Mommy

I started going to Jazzercise when I was about twenty years old. I suffered from depression as a teenager and young adult. Jazzercise became my therapy. After I became a mom, I continued to go to Jazzercise. It was my night club at 8AM on Saturday morning. If you haven’t taken a Jazzecise class since the 1980’s you must treat yourself to a class that incorporates all the best music and fitness trends like Zumba or Pilates. After my father passed and I  was laid off, I turned to therapy and medication and quit my weekly Jazzercise “fixes”. I found myself unable to sleep and I began anxiety attacks while driving. I tried different combinations of the medications and could never find the right balance. I made a decision to stop the medication and begin a more natural regimen along with exercise. Now, I have a much better balance and look forward to that hour to dance and feel better. I’m not the size six I was pre-babies but I am determined to be comfortable at whatever weight in the moment. Jazzercise keeps me at least toner, healthier and happier (plus many locations offer baby sitting). Now, if I could just put down those yummy brownies.:)

My amazing husband has made the family dinner and my boys are informing it’s time to eat. Cheers!