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Runaway Stroller

Approximately fours years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! (As I write my almost four year old is refusing to go to bed after an extremely busy day . As the third child, his naps have not been protected.At this moment in time, life at our house is not a peaceful one.:( I digress, Daddy has taken over. Thank goodness.
The Case of the Runaway Stroller. My twins were approximately two and half years old. They were constantly biting, hitting, and whining.The only relief I could get was at the park. Of course, I would have loved to stay home and play cars or trucks. Sadly, this was not an option unless I wanted bite marks up and down the bodies of my twins.
So, off to the park. I packed lunches, sand toys, sippie cups, water, the double stroller and on a whim I grabbed the toddler bikes. I thought it would be great for the boys to ride their bikes around the park and exhaust some of that little boy energy. As we arrived the park, everything was as every other day. I unpackd the stroller, clicked the infant car seat into the stroller, packed the lunches, water, sand toys,and diaper bag into the bottom compartment. Next, I unbuckled the twins. I escorted the infant (in the stroller) and my twin toddler boys to the park sidewalk. I then unloaded the bikes and encouraged my boys to start riding towards the park.
One small detail didn’t enter my mind. The path to the park was downhill and my 2.5 year olds hadn’t learned how to brake! In an instant, the twins started to speed down the hill. As I was guiding my six month old down the hill in his infant car seat in the stroller, I instinctively grabbed for the my twins’ bikes to stop them from racing down the hill out of control. Two hands grabbed for the bikes which left the a runaway stroller. AAAHHHH!!! The stroller rolled down the hill and toppled into a small water filled ravine. I frantically scrambled for the stroller and unbuckled my still sleeping baby from his car seat. He was unscathed and totally unaware. He looked at me with is big, blue eyes ready for a day at the park. My twins took my distraction as a cue that we’d decided to take a detour and play in the little ravine before we headed to the park. They were playing and laughing. They were exploring rocks, leaves and dirt and completely clueless that their mom had taken this moment to sit on the rock with their baby brother while watching them play and cry.
I cried silently. I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed and alone. Tears steamed down my face as two strangers walked by and said hello. They did not seem to notice the tears, the upside down stroller and miscellaneous diaper items scattered everywhere.

I write this to simply tell you-YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It is hard raising boys. Do not compare yourselves to other moms who have girls or children that are spread out in age. Raising boys who are close in age is a different experience. There is a reason why people always comment with “Three boys! You’ve got your hands full”. This is the comment offered whether they are well-behaved, little terrors, or peacefully asleep at home. We all love boys our but they are exhausting! Oh..and for those moms with the mellow boys-This blog is not for you. Sorry!
How did I get through this particular crazy incident? Well, I picked myself up…and my diaper bag, lunch, stroller, bikes, car seat etc, and called my best friend as I sat on that rock. Well, she wasn’t home because she was teaching so I talked to the next best thing…Matt. Her junior high sweet heart and one of my best friends from 7th grade.
“Matt, you’ll never guess what just happened to me”. And between laughter and tears, I told him about The Case of the Runaway Stroller.

Or, maybe I’ve had it wrong all along. Could Wii have been the answers to my problems?